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A Day for Mothers

Since tomorrow I will be spending the day with my own mother, I felt the need to blog this today.

When most people think of Mother’s Day, they imagine what they will buy for their mom (or wife), what they will cook her, or whether they will take her out to eat or shopping, etc. Continue reading “A Day for Mothers”

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My dog. My friend. Rest in Peace.

I’m not a dog person. I don’t like to be licked, slobbered on, or jumped on. I don’t want dog hair all over my furniture or on my clothes or in my house. I don’t hate animals; I’m just not that girl. I do not call my dogs, “fur babies, ” or treat them better than my own children. They are fed, played with, sheltered, and protected. I am not inhumane; I’m just not a dog person.  (Before everyone out there who IS a dog lover freaks out…please keep reading). Continue reading “My dog. My friend. Rest in Peace.”