About me

Most of my life has been spent in pain. Health issues came and went; mostly came. It’s been scary at times. God has gotten me through it. He sent my DH to me, along with our 3 little ones. I began my own doula business, and currently homeschool my children. We found a great doctor, who is treating more than her fair share of my illnesses. Each day is a struggle. Sometimes even breathing is hard. But I know God’s got me. He knows what lies ahead. I teach a song to my kiddos that emulates this point; you may have heard it: it goes like this…..”He’s got the whole world in His hands; He’s got the whole wide world in His hands. He’s got the whole world in His hands. He’s got the whole world in His hands.” I know I’m included in the whole world. Therefore, He’s got ME in His hands. He’s got my family, my friends, my sickness, and my health. We trust Him. We always trust Him. Even when we can’t see the purpose in whatever may be happening, we trust His plans and His timing. I love my life- illness, struggles, and all. I want God’s glory revealed through whatever happens to me. I pray that people, that you, can see Jesus in me.

Our lives aren’t always simple. They aren’t always fun and games. We try to make the most out of them though. We laugh; we love; we have a good time. But more than anything, we love the Lord. He knows we aren’t perfect, far from it, in fact. Yet, he still loves us. He calls us “beloved.” I don’t think there is anything better to be called by the King of the World.