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Upcoming movie releases

There are currently two movies being released that are somewhat, if not entirely, controversial. You probably already know the movies I’m referring to, however if not, stay tuned. You will find out. One is a new movie based on a book, featuring prominent actors and very much in the spotlight. The other is a Disney classic, one we have be waiting to be turned into a more modern version of itself. I think we got a little more than we bargained for there.

“The Shack,” featuring artist Tim McGraw, is making headlines by claiming to be an uplifting spiritual journey of a father reclaiming his faith. There are many, many commentaries on why this movie should or should not be seen, why it does or does not agree with the Bible, why or why not Christians should see it. I’m not hear to argue logistics. Point blank, no, it does not go along with the Bible, therefore it cannot be considered to be true. Reason: Christians believe the Bible to be the Word of God, completely true in every aspect; if you produce a movie saying otherwise, we will disagree with you. It’s false, inaccurate, and largely heretic. However, should Christians go to see this movie? That’s a personal opinion kind of question. Would seeing a movie that claims God to be a woman, the Bible false, Hell not a real place, and implies that everyone goes to Heaven, regardless of sin, shake your faith? Would it make you question your life in Christ? Would it change anything about how you walk with the Father? If so, then definitely do NOT go see this movie. However, if you’re going to see this movie strictly to form an opinion, learn talking points and rebuttals, and be able to converse about “The Shack” with others, then yes, I believe you should see it if you want to. I’ve spoken with our pastor about this and feel confident saying all of that. If you think seeing this movie will cause a stumbling block for someone else who is watching you, then obviously, according to Scripture you shouldn’t go.(Romans 14:30) Again, I’m not saying yes or no, or that I will or won’t see this movie. I’m just giving you points to consider. If you go in to watch this movie as purely fictional, knowing it has no basis in our Christian religion, then I think you will come out with some definite talking points. If you think this movie is going to be based in truth and Scripture, well, you obviously haven’t read a word I’ve typed.

Next up is a movie I was truly looking forward to taking my kids to see, “Beauty and the Beast.” It looked great on the previews and is one of my favorite Disney movies. I wanted to share that with my kids. (I realize I can still share the original; not the point). I wanted to see this remake of my childhood classic. Every time the kids see the previews, they grow more excited knowing that it is getting closer to being released. So, did I! And then we heard the news: one of the characters, LeFou, is apparently presented as gay. And media everywhere went crazy. I mean seriously, it is the most talked about controversy since the election. Grant it, I won’t be taking my kids to see it now, because we are Christian and that does go against our faith. [We can discuss and argue and disagree some other day on whether being gay is okay or not (according to scripture, it is not-Romans 1:26-27, 1 Corinthians 6:9)] However, for our family, for our children, this is not something they need to be exposed to. They have enough to face growing up in this new millennial age. Watching a gay scene in a classic fairy tale is not going to be something they have to deal with right now. They aren’t old enough to make the decision for themselves, so for now, that choice falls to us. The Bible says, “Grow them up in the way of the Lord and when they are older, they will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6. That’s what we are doing. Honestly though, even if they were old enough, knowing my kids as I do, they wouldn’t want to see that. It is a complete assault on our faith, on our God. The more I hear and see on social media about how “tolerant” Jesus was of the adulterers, harlots, the impure, and vilest of people, the more I wonder what Bible you are reading?? Don’t get me wrong. Jesus came because God loved us so much, He didn’t want us to have to live in sin. He sent a Savior, the Savior, so we don’t have to. We can choose to go to Heaven. That is what Christ offered when he came and sat and ate with those sinners. He offered them abundant life, and here’s the biggest part, the whole point: they ACCEPTED it and TURNED from their sins and FOLLOWED Him. The same Christ that died for me, died for them, died for the gays, the lesbians, the murderers, the liars, the thieves. Yes, He did. However, He did that to give us a choice. Choose Him, repent, and follow God or be departed from Him forever. Hear me well on this.  Our God is mighty, loving, full of grace and mercy, compassionate, caring, near to the broken hearted, and so much more, but He is also wrathful and a righteous judge. He gives you a choice, but be prepared to face the consequence of your choice. Please, do not misunderstand me. There are only two (2) choices: Heaven, forever belonging to the one and only Gold Almighty, or Hell, forever departed from Him. According to Scripture, Hell is a place of constant torment and pain. Yes, it is a real place. (Revelation 20:11) Yes, you can go there. No, you do not have to. We all have a choice. Make yours and stand by it. Follow what the Bible teaches, not what you want it to say. Believe me, there are times when I wish the Bible said something other than it says. It doesn’t change it’s truths just because I love God and want it to. It speaks only the truth. And the truth is, God intended for no sin to enter into Heaven, so He sent His son to die on a cross for every single person’s sins. Jesus took on our sin, so we can choose to accept God’s love and follow Him and His truth and law. If you don’t choose that, if you choose to turn from God and follow the world, make no mistake about it. You will hear these words, “Depart from me. I knew you not.” Matthew 7:21-23. I don’t wish that for anyone, and neither does God. (Read John 3 :16 and 1 John 3:16).

These movies will not determine where you spend eternity, but they might cause you to formulate a god that does not exist. Our God is not a woman. He is not a push over. He is not going to let everyone enter Heaven. There is a Hell, and He will send people there who choose not to trust Him and follow Him. These are facts, backed by the Bible. I’ve given references, so please read for yourself what the Lord has to say about it all. Make your own choices on whether you choose to see either of these movies.



I am a child of God, first and foremost. Secondly I am a wife; very much ( and sometimes undeservingly) loved, by my husband Sam. And last, but most certainly not least, I am a mom to 3 beautiful boys: Mitchell, Andrew and Buddy. We homeschool, love family time, and enjoy helping others. I am also a doula. I love my work and love writing about it as well. I am very passionate about my beliefs, and my blogs tend to show that. Enjoy reading!

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