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Just a bunch of hocus pocus…..

Has anyone else noticed how huge Halloween has become? It used to be dress your kid up in a cute costume (angel, scarecrow, ghost, etc ), grab a bucket, and go trick or treating around the neighborhood. One night. Now? We have Halloween “events” every day almost for the entire month of October. And it’s a pagan holiday to begin with! Yes, our churches use the term “fall festival” or “trunk or treat” to refer to their night of fun. But it’s all the same: dress up in your most elaborate costume ever and get candy as many times as possible. It’s gotten crazy.

Right now, my kids are in the process of….wait for it…….MAKING their costumes. I know, I know. I’m a bad mom. I didn’t go out and spend tons of $$$ on a costume for each child. Grant it, if you have the money to spend and that’s your thing, then kudos. For us though, my littlest gets a hand-me-down, and the older two make or come up with their own. One will be an athlete, the other a mummy, and the littlest gets to be superman. They get the pride of coming up with whatever they want to be, designing it, and wearing it all in one day. The other night, they designed and carved their own pumpkins. They didn’t use a fancy design transfer or trace anything, just your typical “scary” pumpkin-minus a few teeth. They had a blast doing it, and thanked me afterwards for letting them.(Yeah, I was shocked too.)

Y’all it’s Halloween, not Christmas. Christmas is a HUGE deal in our home. It’s about the birth of Jesus, so we go all out (another blog on that later). But Halloween? No. We will stick to our simple, hand made costumes and originally crafted pumpkins-for one day. Then it’s over. It does not last the entire month in our home. Our plans do not revolve around every, single Halloween, fall festival, trunk or treat, festivity.

And no, I’m not the “Scrooge” of Halloween, but let’s dial it down some people. What exactly are we celebrating?? Sugar rushes and cavities? Scaring small children? Emulating demons? No, thank you. We will kick it old school over here.



I am a child of God, first and foremost. Secondly I am a wife; very much ( and sometimes undeservingly) loved, by my husband Sam. And last, but most certainly not least, I am a mom to 3 beautiful boys: Mitchell, Andrew and Buddy. We homeschool, love family time, and enjoy helping others. I am also a doula. I love my work and love writing about it as well. I am very passionate about my beliefs, and my blogs tend to show that. Enjoy reading!

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