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Just Doula It

Today is one of those days that you hope to achieve as a doula. Starting out, I was afraid I wouldn’t be good enough, knowledgeable enough. But today. Today was the day that truly proved me and everyone else wrong.

I’ve been a post partum doula for an out of state adoptive family for the past three weeks. To say it’s been tumultuous is an understatement. Situations like these have everyone sitting on pins and needles, including me! I’ve been helping the adoptive parents get adjusted to a newborn before they are released to go back to their state with their little one. I just help with basic needs-newborn education, learning feeding cues, bathing baby, etc. I love it. It’s truly what I’m meant to do….. Back to today. Today, the family was released to go home. It is such an exciting time, as everything has fallen into place and they get to take their bundle of joy home. For me, it’s bittersweet. I am so happy for them. I’m happy the birth mom chose adoption over abortion. I’m happy this family was chosen as his adoptive family. I’m glad everyone is at peace with the situation. However, I’m also sad. I hate to see them go! Over the past three weeks, I’ve come to know this sweet family and love on them. So yes, I’m a bit sad. But mostly happy 🙂 As they left to get checked into their flight, they hugged my neck and told me how much they appreciated me, how much I helped, and that they couldn’t have done it without me. ❤

That is not me being conceited, by any means. I honestly didn’t do much. I just provided support and information. However, to be told I was useful? helpful? needed? THAT was the most rewarding thing this job has yet to offer. I have no idea what made them choose me, but I’m so glad they did. See, I’ve been told, or led to believe, that what I do is not a “real job.” I have people ask me when I’m going to get a “real job.” Amazing, right? I mean, I have 3 REAL JOBS. I homeschool all three kids, different ages, and somehow manage to stay alive–Job #1. I am a Nerium Brand Partner–Job #2. I am a certified birth and post partum doula–Job #3.  Job # 3, being a doula, gets called into question more than anything else. I guess because my clients choose me, and I don’t work in an office. I don’t need someone else to legitimize my job(s). I do however, deserve respect for the work I do and services I provide. Getting called in at midnight to do hip squeezes for 15 hours straight isn’t exactly an “easy” job. Being on call for a month with a first time mom, isn’t exactly stress-free. But would I change it ? Not on your life! I love my job! Today served as a reminder of why I decided to become a doula: I help people.

It is my job. It is my calling. I matter.

Belittling what I do so that you can feel better about yourself, only makes your job look less fulfilling. We shouldn’t do this to anyone. Whether you are a stay at home mom or wife, or a full time, work at the office employee. You still matter. We all do. God has called us to fulfill a purpose. Fulfill yours, and don’t worry about others.





I am a child of God, first and foremost. Secondly I am a wife; very much ( and sometimes undeservingly) loved, by my husband Sam. And last, but most certainly not least, I am a mom to 3 beautiful boys: Mitchell, Andrew and Buddy. We homeschool, love family time, and enjoy helping others. I am also a doula. I love my work and love writing about it as well. I am very passionate about my beliefs, and my blogs tend to show that. Enjoy reading!

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